Queanbeyan community builds one-of-a-kind treehouse for local kids

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Queanbeyan community builds one-of-a-kind treehouse for local kids

September 22, 2018

The dedication of the Queanbeyan community, local businesses and the NSW Government towards assisting children with special needs is more evident today than ever before, with the Queanbeyan Special Needs Group’s Treehouse facility officially opened.
Member for Monaro John Barilaro joined a crowd full of members of the community, the Treehouse board, children, and parents and families to officially open the new facility.
“Because every kid in our region needs a place to play, learn and grow, the NSW Government has supported Treehouse every step of the way, resulting in the best facility possible,” Mr Barilaro said.
“But Treehouse isn’t just for the kids, it also gives parents a place to gather, while providing state of the art support and learning services.
“The fantastic building and the services provided go hand in hand and I’m thrilled that our community now has this wonderful facility.”
During the event, Mr Barilaro announced further funding for Treehouse to the tune of $157,287.
“It is truly touching and a real testament to our community here in Queanbeyan to see that close to 100 businesses and locals have contributed money, time, equipment, labour and materials towards the facility.
“But of course there are always other costs and I’m thrilled to announce a two-part grant for Treehouse. $57,287 will be used to finish off all of the work here, and the further $100,000 will go towards operational costs, to allow the fantastic staff, teachers, volunteers and operators to continue to provide their important services without the worry of cost.”
The Queanbeyan Special Needs Group have moved to Treehouse, premises dedicated to providing children with a facility that meets their individual needs. Treehouse is a vibrant and welcoming centre where children with a disability or developmental delay are supported to develop and grow.
Programs support children aged 0 to 8 years and their families and carers. Treehouse also provides outreach services to surrounding regional areas, including Bungendore and Captains Flat.

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