Nuclear Power- John Barilaro NSW Parliament Hansard Script

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Nuclear Power- John Barilaro NSW Parliament Hansard Script

Mr MICHAEL DALEY ( Maroubra ) ( 14:47 ): My question is directed to the Deputy Premier. On Saturday at The Nationals’ policy conference, the Deputy Premier spoke positively about the use of nuclear power in New South Wales. Yesterday, however, he was repudiated by an authority on these matters, Don Harwin.

The SPEAKER: Order! The member for Maroubra will ask the question or resume his seat.

Mr MICHAEL DALEY: Deputy Premier, after this authoritative rebuff, do you stand by your comments in favour of building nuclear power plants across regional New South Wales?

The SPEAKER: Order! Members will cease interjecting. Members who do not remain silent will be directed to leave the Chamber. I direct the member for Keira to remove himself from the Chamber for a period of two hours.

[Pursuant to sessional order the member for Keira left the Chamber at 14:49.]

Mr JOHN BARILARO ( Monaro—Deputy Premier, Minister for Regional New South Wales, Minister for Skills, and Minister for Small Business) (14:49): I would generally say that those opposite are on cue but this is the second question time since the article appeared. I thought this question would have been asked yesterday. It is a typical response of mistruth and fearmongering from those opposite.

The SPEAKER: Order! I cannot hear the Deputy Premier. I warn Opposition members that they will be removed from the Chamber if the noise continues.

Mr JOHN BARILARO: I wish those opposite had listened to the whole speech of the Minister for Resources, and Minister for Energy and Utilities. I acknowledge that the member for Maitland made a trip to Broken Hill, and she might still be there. Those opposite have missed the point. Right now in this State and the nation we have a looming energy crisis that will impact not just on households but also on businesses and industries.

Mr Michael Daley: That is not what Don said.

The SPEAKER: Order! I call the member for Maroubra to order for the first time.

Mr JOHN BARILARO: This side of the House, especially The Nationals, take a range of issues to their party conferences and debate them on the conference floor. The bigger picture in relation to energy is not just nuclear energy but the cost of living for households.

The SPEA KER: Order! I call the member for Canterbury to order for the first time. There is too much audible conversation in the Chamber.

Mr JOHN BARILARO: A mature society needs to have mature conversations. To tackle the big issues we need to look to the big solutions. The Labor members who tweeted in support of having a conversation around nuclear energy should put up their hands. This is about having a conversation not in this place but within the community. Those opposite believe that all wisdom lies with them.

The SPEAKER: Order! Opposition members are making too much noise. If the noise continues, I will direct members to leave without warning.

Mr JOHN BARILARO: We should seek engagement with the community in order to have a broader conversation around energy.

Mr Stephen Kamper: Point of order: My point of order is taken under Standing Order 129, relevance. The Minister has made no reference to the leading authority.

The SPEAKER: Order! There is no point of order. The Deputy Premier is being relevant. I call the member for Rockdale to order for the second time.

Mr JOHN BARILARO: This is about having the guts to have the conversation on many issues—for example, about nuclear energy as part of the energy debate. We as leaders do not have all the answers. We have to take the fearmongering and mistruth out of the energy debate and look at the science. All I am asking is that we have the conversation about the options for energy generation. There is room for renewables and for coal. We know the view of those opposite on coal. When John Robertson was the Leader of the Opposition and the current Leader of the Opposition, Luke Foley, was a member of the upper House, they wanted to shut down the coal industry. They were developing a policy to take to the 2015 State election that would see coal phased out. Those opposite believe that they have the answers, but the truth is—

Ms Jenny Leong: They always say good things in opposition.

The SPEAKER: The member for Newtown should not take the bait.

Mr JOHN BARILARO: I have put on the table the energy issues that are relevant to households and businesses. Members know that we must address energy supply in this State and this nation. We should have a competitive advantage in energy on the global market because we are a resource-rich nation. When we talk about advanced manufacturing some say we are doomed, but if we applied scientific evidence and were prepared to have the conversations—

Mr John Robertson: Mate, you’re the Homer Simpson of New South Wales.

Mr JOHN BARILARO: Says the bald man who looks like Homer Simpson.

The SPEAKER: Order! The member for Blacktown will refrain from name calling.

Mr JOHN BARILARO: As a former sparky, he knows we have a looming energy crisis, and that the Leader of the Opposition looks like Monty Burns. This is about having a conversation. There will be members on this side of the Chamber who will have a different view to mine. There will be people in the community who support my view and others who do not. I have received many emails from those who support nuclear energy stating that they want the conversation. We have to look at the options across the board.

The SPEAKER: Order! I direct the member for Bankstown to remove herself from the Chamber for a period of three hours.

[Pursuant to sessional order the member for Bankstown left the Chamber at 14:54.]