Investing in native grasslands management

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Investing in native grasslands management

April 4, 2018

Member for Monaro John Barilaro today announced a $375,000 funding boost for farmers and landholders in the Monaro to create long-term strategies that will improve productive agricultural land and the environmental landscape of the Monaro Plains.

Mr Barilaro said the funding will ensure that future land management practices fit in with the needs of local producers and the land they manage.

Mr Barilaro made the announcement following a meeting in Cooma with local farmers and representatives from the Local Land Services (LLS) including Group Director of Sustainable Land Management, Local Land Services, Kristian Holz.

“Today’s announcement means farmers will have the resources they need to ensure they have profitable and sustainable pastures for generations to come without the need for visually mapping their properties which was previously expected,” Mr Barilaro said.

“Primary producers across the Monaro have told me that using mapping technology is not a good fit for the Monaro plains and will deliver inaccurate results for farmers that manage our unique landscape. I have made sure that farmers will not be burdened with red tape that will not deliver real results for our community, primary producers and our environment.

“We are focused on building Monaro-specific solutions - solutions to land management that meet the unique challenges and landscape of the Monaro such as controlling the spread of African Love Grass.

“We are funding practical research that will deliver the best results for landholders, the environment and the community because the practices we run will be tried, tested and delivered in the Monaro,” he said

The resources to be developed will include agronomy, biosecurity and weed management advice, and practical land management resources and tools to help farmers with the land management challenges they face.

Mr Barilaro said $75,000 will go directly to supporting the Monaro Farming Systems work with LLS to develop practical on-ground solutions including the management of weeds.

“As part of this funding Monaro agronomist Stuart Burge will take a lead role in developing and helping to implement a wide range of land management practices,” he said.

“$300,000 will go towards research, tools and resource development to ensure the regulations and relevant management options are regionally specific and take into account the unique agricultural challenges faced by primary producers in the Monaro.”

The NSW Government has established the Monaro Grassland Landholder Reference Group to guide delivery of the pilot and other regional grasslands solutions, and employed a dedicated Monaro based officer within the Sustainable Land Management team at Local Land Services, to assist and advise landholders in the Monaro region.

Mr Barilaro said the NSW Government will not be proceeding with the regulatory maps under the Land Management Framework in native grassland dominant landscapes, until they form part of a practical, workable approach for land managers.

Group Director of Sustainable Land Management, Local Land Services, Kristian Holz, said they will work closely with landholders to achieve the best results for them and the community.

“We are making sure we are coming up with solutions that work and we want to road test them first. This includes benefiting from the extensive amount of landholder knowledge about local conditions and how best to manage them,” Mr Holz said.

The partnerships and projects announced today will support Monaro landholders to understand and apply the new land management framework on their properties.

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