Barilaro launches wild dog destruction blitz

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Barilaro launches wild dog destruction blitz

September 17, 2018

Member of Monaro John Barilaro today announced the start of the South East wild dog destruction blitz and welcomed Mr Tim Shepherd into the role of interim wild dog coordinator. Mr Barilaro said wild dogs in the South East are a serious issue, with dogs having a devastating effect on local farmers and their business.
“From today, South East LLS will be coordinating a destruction blitz throughout the region to combat the effects of wild dogs and I look forward to working with Mr Shepherd to ensure the best possible outcomes for local producers,” Mr Barilaro said.
“Mr Shepherd will be responsible for overseeing wild dog management operations in the region and will ensure the use of a nil tenure approach.”
Mr Shepherd has been involved in wild dog management in the South East for over a decade and said he is very keen to continue to work in this area.
“I am looking forward to getting out into the community and engaging with the wild dog management groups, and working with the Pest Animal Controllers across the agencies to see how I can best support them,” Mr Shepherd said.
In the role Mr Shepherd will facilitate the engagement between public land managers, agencies and private land managers. This will involve the continued support of the 13 existing wild dog management plans and supporting the development of consistent coordination and collaboration on wild dog management outcomes across the South East.
South East Local Land Services General Manager Anthony Marshall said Tim brings a wealth of knowledge and previous wild dog management experience to the role.
“Tim was instrumental in formulating the existing South East Local Land Services wild dog strategy and has worked closely with many of the wild dog management groups in the region over a number of years,” Mr Marshall said.
Mr Shepherd commenced in the role earlier in the month and his first task will be engaging with land managers and agencies on ways to strengthen the local plans.

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