Delegate Country Club celebrates


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Delegate Country Club celebrates

Each year the O’Hagan’s of Delegate celebrate St Patrick’s Day with a big party at their home, but this year there is a change of venue.

This year the annual St. Pat’s Day party is going to be held at the Delegate Country Club to coincide with the official opening of the club’s remodeled kitchen.

The Member for Monaro, John Barilaro allocated $17,000 from the NSW Government Community Building Partnership Grant to re-tile and re-model the kitchen and to purchase new stainless steel benches, a new dishwasher and gas cooker.

The O’Hagan’s said that the Delegate Country Club was a community run organisation that needed all the help they could get to stay up and running.

“We thought we could have a double celebration,” Sandra O’Hagan’s said.

Member for Monaro John Barilaro MP said that once the refurbished kitchen was complete he would come out to Delegate Country Club and cook Delegate a lasagne.

“It’s a Barilaro family recipe and I’m sure it won’t disappoint,” he said.

Mr Barilaro said that a further $18,000 had been allocated for the Delegate Country Club Association to purchase a community bus.

“The bus will be running from Delegate to the country club and back on St Patrick’s Day,” he said.

The O’Hagan’s said the celebration of opening the new kitchen worked in perfectly with the St. Patrick’s Day party.

“Sort of an Irish Italian party,” Terry O’Hagan said.

“We’ll be drinking Irish Whiskey and eating Italian,” he said.

The dinner of lasagne and salad cooked by the Member for Monaro, John Barilaro is free, but bookings are essential.

There will be raffles over the course of the evening along with a joker draw.

John Barilaro
John Barilaro
“There’ll be Irish music and people are asked to wear Irish colours,” Terry O’Hagan said.

The courtesy bus will be running but bookings are essential for catering purposes.

To book your place at the country club phone Bill Batman on 0428 431 942.