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My election commitment to deliver a new high school for Bungendore is in my top three priorities. That is why I think it is important to keep the community informed with any updates.

Last week I had a very positive meeting with School Infrastructure and I have some exciting news to share. We want to get this right and finding the perfect site is crucial to that.

I said in late December last year that we have three sites in mind, which are all privately-owned. I can now confirm we have also identified a piece of crown land, in addition to the land we were already looking at for the new school.
In coming weeks we will be going out for expressions of interest and we will be asking landholders to respond. I will let the community know as soon as we have the perfect site.

While a select few in the community may feel progress hasn’t been made, I assure you that is not true. I want to ensure we get everything right before shovels are in the ground.
This new high school will be an invaluable asset to the Bungendore community and we need to ensure it offers the best outcomes for our students. Because of this the planning process for a new school is extensive.

First we need to assess the educational needs of the community, because it isn’t a case of one size fits all when it comes to a new school. We want the best school for Bungendore.
The educational needs of the community guide us when finding the perfect site.

Once that site is chosen, the community helps steer how the school will look and what type of school is best for our kids.
This will be done through a community working group, which we will form as we move ahead.There are a number of different schools across the State, many specifically for their community.

It is important to me that we achieve a high school made for the Bungendore community.

After this, we draw up detailed designs. These will tell us how many classrooms the new school will have and give us an insight into its facilities, including a library and gymnasium.
We will then start to see the school take shape, through artist impressions. Then it is on to final approval and once that is all ticked off, construction will begin. When it comes to building a new school the construction phase takes the least amount of time of the whole process.

I want everyone to keep in mind that this is about our region’s future and we need to get it right.

My promise to you is that students will be sitting down in classrooms in the new Bungendore High School on day one, term one, 2023 at the latest.