Barra’s Blog – Education Week 2017

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Barra’s Blog – Education Week 2017

Monday, 31 July 2017

Today is the start of the 2017 NSW Education Week. This year’s theme is ‘I Learn, We Learn’, and the celebration highlights the excellent job that our schools are doing by putting the spotlight on our students, our educators and the communities that support them.

There is no doubt that our children are our future and one day they will be running this country. It is important that we support them with a quality education, and that’s why I am committed to backing every single kid and ensuring that schools are provided with the facilities that our community needs and deserves.

Over the last six years, I have been lucky enough to witness first-hand the excellent work that our local teachers and schools do in their mission to give Monaro kids the best education possible. They work day in and day out, with work days never fitting into the 9 -3.30 window that kids are present for. Together with hard working teachers, the NSW Government is dedicated to providing quality education. Our communities need to be serviced by the best schools, and the best way to do this is by providing high-quality education facilities for students now and into the future. I recognise that if we want to inspire a love of learning, then it is important that our school facilities are up to scratch. School environments should reflect what we expect of them; if we want our kids to succeed, we must provide them with the necessary infrastructure to do so.

In the recent NSW budget we announced the roll out of the Connecting Country Schools program, which will see $46 million invested across NSW for upgrades to wireless connectivity in rural and regional schools. 14 schools across the Monaro have been included on the list for upgrades in this important investment in education. Additionally, a School for Specific Purposes in Queanbeyan has been planned through the 2017 – 18 budget, with a focus on fostering learning and creating the best learning environments for all students.

These projects will ensure students and staff have the resources they need to succeed and will benefit students and their communities now and into the future.